Discovery School Mission Statement

Our mission is to use the Montessori philosophy to guide young children in their love of learning in order to facilitate a confident transition to the next level in personal development

Our Values

We will strive to exemplify these principles in our daily work environment and decisions.

•Provide a Montessori environment that helps each individual develop independence, curiosity, love of learning,

and personal responsibility at his/her own pace.

•Prepare our students and families for the next level in the student’s personal and educational development.                                            

•Cultivate a committed and passionate staff.

•Treat all children, families, and staff with respect and dignity.

•Develop a sense of community among families and staff.

•Operate our program in a financially sound manner that ensures the existence of the program for years to come.

•Maintain a diverse group of students and families in a multiage classroom.

•Educate parents and our community about Montessori education and philosophy and facilitate the spread of Montessori education in our community.