What is so unique about Discovery School?

Discovery School, the only Montessori preschool in Topeka, has been educating Topeka preschool children for over 40 years. The Montessori approach encourages the individual development of each child, at his own pace, through his interaction within a carefully prepared environment.

Discovery School is training tomorrow’s leaders. Montessori children are excellent problem-solvers who observe carefully, concentrate effectively, and exchange ideas freely. In this way, Discovery School strives to build the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Are you accepting new students?

Please call the school at 785-234-6746 to check current availability. If both morning and afternoon sessions are full, we will gladly contact you when a spot opens up.  We sometimes have unexpected openings throughout the year. We do accept students in January if space is available.

May we come visit?

Visitors are always welcome; please call ahead to visit our classrooms. Parents have access to the school at anytime. Visits to observe your child are highly encouraged.

Where is the school located?

Discovery School (1701 SW Collins) is located on the second floor of the First Congregational Church at 17th & Collins. Visitors are always welcome and we invite you to come see first-hand how special our school is.

Is Discovery School church-affiliated?

No. Discovery School made its home in The First Congregational Church due to arrangements that Barbara Thiele, a church member and one of the school’s founders, made in 1975. The church, which is centrally located in Topeka, continues to generously provide affordable space to the school.

How is the school financed?

Discovery School is a non-profit corporation 501(c)3 funded through student tuition. Donations, grants, and gifts provide some equipment and supplies. Financial Aid is available through the Fundraising Account to families with unexpected financial needs. Donations and gifts are tax-deductible.

Is Discovery School a cooperative where parents have to help?

Discovery School’s Board of Directors is made up of parents. Parents can and do help, but on a voluntary basis. Some are on the Board; others help in their own special way when they can.  Parents head the fundraising efforts at the school and volunteer for a variety of services to help the Director and teachers throughout the year. Parents do provide snacks on a rotating basis, which occurs about 4 times a year.

The following books are available to borrow from the Discovery School library. Or, follow the links below to purchase them through Amazon.com.

  1. The Absorbent Mind, by Dr. Maria Montessori

  2. The Secret of Childhood, by Dr. Maria Montessori

  3. •A Parent's Guide to the Montessori Classroom, by Aline Wolfe

Online Resources

  1. Kids Page

  2. Kids Talk - Great articles from an experienced Montessori teacher

  3. Montessori 101: Montessori Basics For Parents

  4. Montessori Bookstore

  5. Montessori Foundation

  6. Montessori in the Home

  7. Montessori Online (montessori.org)

  8. The Montessori Method

  9. Tomorrow's Child Magazine

Shopping Montessori Style (Online)

  1. Montessori-N-Such

  2. Montessori Services

  3. Appleseed Educational

  4. Nienhuis Montessori

For Teachers

  1. American Montessori Society

  2. Montessori Online (montessori.org)

  3. International Montessori Web Site

  4. Montessori Connections

  5. Montessori Services

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