Sept. 16th – Sept. 20th


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Topic:  Pink Tower/Matching Objects (Mon.)

            Sound (Tues.)

            Color/Polishing (Wed.)

            Knobbed Cylinders/Dressing Frame (Thur.)

            Dramatic Play (Fri.)


Sound: : “m” as in mat, met, mill, mop, mug


Color:  Color Box #1


Science/Geography/Culture:  Hunting for more caterpillars


Stories:     “Excuse Me”

                   “Monkey Miserable Monday”

                   “The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse”

                 “It’s OK to be Different”

                   “Little Red Riding Hood”


Mark Your Calendar:

Happy Bear

Tuesday, Sept. 24th 10:30 AM Class/ 1:00 PM Class


Environmental Prep Day

Thursday, Sept. 26th No School


Fall Picnic – Sunday, Sept. 29th 1:00 p.m