New Parent Orientation is Monday, August 26th 6:00 p.m.

Meet the Teachers - Tuesday, August 27th 10:30-12:30 a.m.

Wednesday & Thursday, August 28th & 29th First Days for New Children

What to bring the first day of school:

1. Slippers - elastic around the top

  • available online - Amazon has them from Jacques Moret Girls Soft Ballet Slipper Shoes

  • child can independently take on and off

  • covers foot completely

  • to be left at school

  • mark child’s name on bottom with permanent marker                                                                 

2.  Tote Bag - (gift from Discovery School)

  • brought to school everyday

  • decorate and place child’s name on tote

3.  Change of Clothes - Mark ALL clothing with child’s name

  • pair of pants/shorts/dress

  • t-shirt or top

  • pair of socks

  • pair of underwear or pull-ups

4. Photo - no bigger than 4x6 (for child’s Take-home Pocket)
not a formal picture, would prefer a snapshot,
one that the child can recognize his/her face clearly.
this photo will be cut-up to fit the pocket.