Discovery School Academic Calendar 2018-2019

Days children are NOT in attendance
September                   Monday, 3rd                   Labor Day
                                     Thursday, 27th                Environmental Prep Day                                                                               
November                    Thursday, 1st Parent/Teacher Conferences
                                      Friday, 2nd                   Environmental Prep Day                       

Wed.,Thur., Fri., 21st, 22nd, 23rd  Thanksgiving Break

                                     Monday, 26th     Environmental Prep Day

December                    Friday, 14th                Environmental Prep Day

              Fri., 14th – Fri. Jan. 4th         Winter Break (day back Mon. Jan. 7th)

January                 Monday, 21st                                 Martin Luther King Day

February                      Monday, 4th                                   Environmental Prep Day

                                    Monday, 18th               Tour Day (Presidents’ Day)

Thursday, 28th                               Parent/Teacher Conferences

March                          Friday, 1st                                      Environmental Prep Day

                                    Mon.,11th – Fri., 15th               Spring Break

April                             Friday, 19th                Environmental Prep Day

May                  Thursday, 16th                 Last Day of School – children DO attend

June                    Monday, 3rd                          Beginning of Summer Sessions